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 International Research Institute (IRI) 
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Organization Meeting and Report of the Establishment Application Membership Requirements Human PSI Forum
Application form Report of 2001
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List of Founders Supporting Members/individual International Society of Life Information Science
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  Institute for Living Body Measurements (Bio-Emission Laboratory) Related to a Submitted Report
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Current Study Gas Measurement Method v2(PDF) 
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Gas Measurement Method v2(PDF)         

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International Research Institte (IRI)
40A, Yuki Buildg., 1108-2, Sonno, Inage, Chiba
263-0051 JAPAN
Tel :
+81-43-255-5481 Fax:+81-43-255-5482 IP Phone: +81-50-1042-7634 (Yahoo BB)  IRI MAP e-mail:iri@a-iri.org


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